1. // A side blog for all the RP blogs I follow. I send asks occasionally to RP blogs and if they draw my character, like some have, I’d like to give them a reference. Plus this blog saves my Vertigo Zero name. Maybe I’ll RP a little myself someday if I feel like arting? Main blog is om-nom-nom-nami.

    I send anons from my person blog starting with “[[vertigozero]]: ” since I made this into a secondary blog, not really knowing you couldn’t follow or send asks. =n=; So pardon and I apologize for confusion.

    My name is Vertigo, or just Vert to my friends. Support summoner / over 18 / companions with a female Swoobat and male Luxray / owner of a boa constrictor named Belinda.

    Will update with art and pictures later or tomorrow, we’ll see.